Support and service

Each Wurth CNC machine is accompanied by an experienced engineering team specializing in the fields of mechanics, electronics and information technology.

Speed of response in the field, ON-LINE customer support, availability of technical information and logistics solutions are the recognizable characteristics of the Wurth engineering team.

Support is available to all users of the Wurth CNC program, both during the warranty period and outside it.

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Time to visit the Würth engineering team within 48 h. Diagnostic coverage on site or via ON-LINE software packages.

Records of all operations performed on the machine are available.

Full transparency and exchange of information with customers - submission of detailed reports after each visit.


The Wurth engineering team conducts regular services according to a predefined calendar. The condition for the validity of the warranty is the mandatory completion of the maintenance list by the operator of the machine.

Constant monitoring of the work process and the current status of each installed machine. Recording of all exchanged documents after servicing and visit.


  • Defining parameters, checking the operation of the PLC and actuator.
  • Digital coverage of sensor, switch and motor checks.
  • Read controller memory and error log.
  • Precise definition of the cause through a diagnostic package.
  • Checking protective devices.

Contact Wurth engineering team

The engineering team is at your disposal for any questions, concerns or needs.